Helping Millions of Americans “Brigit” Until Their Next Payday

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This blog was written by Brian Konzman SJ, Nicki (Nicola) Kornbluth, Christine Mockus, Brian Nordyke, Neal Tan, and Tianyan Wang as part of the “Analytics in Action” course at Columbia Business School.

An estimated 100 million Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck; each year, more than 40 million pay an overdraft fee to make ends meet. Unfortunately, most financial institutions don’t relieve that common anxiety. Enter Brigit. With transparent, fair, and simple financial tools, Brigit helps everyday people build a brighter financial future.

Brigit digitizes and humanizes the cash advance industry, otherwise often served…

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Source: GenHQ

Putting the CART in Instacart

This blog was written by Nicki (Nicola) Kornbluth, Daniel Moskowitz, Sanchya Sahay, and Metika Sikka for a Business Analytics course at Columbia University as part of the M.S. Business Analytics program.

When we started this project in January 2020, online grocery seemed like an exciting industry to study. The grocery industry has seen annual growth for decades (even through recessions) and online groceries were an increasing share of the market. Additionally, online grocery data seemed like a great candidate for predictive analytics due to the habit-driven consumer behavior and unmatched access to data.

Nicki Kornbluth

Data Enthusiast | M.S. Business Analytics Candidate at Columbia University

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